How to Choose the Right Food for Your Dog?

Just like humans, animals too need to take the right food to be the active and hyperactive creatures they are. And so gaining the right nutrition is essential not only for humans but for animals as well. Dogs are naturally hyperactive than cats that love lazing around. But if they don’t get the right food, they wouldn’t be the animal we’ve come to love and adore. There would always be some complication over the other and you might even see yourself visiting the vet often. So choosing the right food for your dog, is essential. Here are some tips to help you out.


This is basically where you need consider the exact kind of dog you own. Aspects like its breed, age, reproductive status, activity and such. The reason such aspects should be given concern is because, when it comes to puppies and feeding mama dogs, the calorie intake is generally at a higher level.  So the food you choose to feed them and the quantity you should be feeding them, should meet the calorie requirement in order to be the healthy kind of dogs they are. There are also the kind of dogs that belong to the hyperactive breed and these dogs require more calories than those that are the couch potato kinds. However, the much older dogs don’t really require that many calories. So you should be concern of this as well when selecting dog food brands Singapore, to avoid overfeeding them and causing them to become obese!

Check the Ingredients

Even if you are only merely buying to donate, make sure that you read the label well. Think of what is included in it, would be healthy for these dogs or cause any other sort of complication. You wouldn’t eat food that is expired, tastes like socks and stinks like old cheese, so think of the dogs as well. If you wouldn’t eat such kinds, neither would they! Choose food that has meat as the primary ingredient as dogs are very good at detecting the food and if it doesn’t appeal, they would eat. Also though dogs are considered to be meat and green eating kinds, you should always stick with the meat side, unless of course they are suffering from serious allergies that doesn’t allow them to eat meat!

Check for Food Allergies

There is generally a possibility that your dog could be suffering from a food allergy. In this case you could go ahead and choose the grain free kinds. If you are not sure if he is having such an allergy always make sure to check with the expert vet!

Use the above tips and select the right food for FIDO!

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