How To Move Your Cat With You

For some people moving can simply mean moving into a new house that is in the next neighbourhood or next town. But then there are those individuals that would be planning on moving into another county. This would be a big step for them to take. That is because not only would they be moving into a strange environment. But they would also be leaving their loved ones behind. Thus, in that case, we understand that the last thing that they would want to do is leave their car behind. Instead, they would also want to take their beloved cat with them to this country. But many individuals don’t know how to make this happen.

Can You Bring The Cat With You?

Many of you would contact a pet mover Singapore because you automatically assume that you can bring your cat with you. This is the mindset that many westerners share. But unfortunately not every country tends to welcome cats with open hands. For instance, some housing in Singapore doesn’t allow them. Therefore the first thing that you need to do is determine whether you are allowed to bring this animal with you or not. Furthermore, you would also have to take into account the cat’s breed when making this decision. That is because some countries don’t allow those with a wild heritage. This normally means those coming from Bengal heritage. Therefore do your research regarding all these facts to avoid any future disappointments.

Your Cat Will Require a Passport

We understand that this would sound like a strange concept to many of you. But this is a requirement that many countries have. This would basically contain information on you and your pet. Furthermore, it would also contain information regarding their health. That is because some countries require them to have certain vaccinations. Therefore the health certificates would also be included in these documents. Thus, this is another thing that you have to do. You need to determine what type of vaccinations that they would need to get. Again remember that this would depend from country to country. Therefore we cannot specifically tell you what you should give your pet. Instead, you would have to conduct this research by yourself. However, remember that the Rabies vaccination would be a universal requirement.

Even more than getting yourself ready for this big move you would be more concerned about your cat. This is understandable because they are a big part of your life. But with the help of these steps, you would be able to streamline the process.


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