How to Look After Your Pet Parrots?

Parrots are a very common choice of pets almost everywhere in the world. However unlike cats and dogs they are not really domesticated and tend to retain some of their behaviour that they will show in the wild. Parrots can also fall ill if you do not look after them properly and all of the parrots do not come from a single species. Therefore in order to look after them you will need to do research on that specific type of parrot that you have bought. You should also know that they have long life spans with larger species of parrots living up to sixty to eighty years of age.

Build Them A Safe Place to Stay

One of the main things that you will need to have even before you bring them home would be to build them a good and safe place to stay. You can look for bird netting Perth or any other location that you are based in online. Make sure that the nets that you get are of good quality and that they will be durable for a certain period of time. Make the parrots a big cage that does not really feel like a cage. You could have like a small play area with swings and the likes for them to perch on and play so that they do not feel like they have been crammed into a very small space.

Feed Them the Right Food and Maintain the Right Diet

Parrots need a varied diet in order to stay healthy and grow well. You can use the seed and pellet mixtures that you can find in pet stores as the base of their diet but that in itself should not be the only thing that they get to eat every single day. You can also supplement this base mixture with fresh fruits and vegetables. Always remember that you should not feed them too much fruit because of the high sugar content in some of them but you can feed them things like grapes, bananas, berries, apples, carrots, greens and various different types of squash that has been cooked. You can also give them green beans, peas and other vegetables. However avoid feeding them things like caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, dill, asparagus, celery, rhubarb, sugar, salt, oily food and raw or dried beans. You can also feed parrots nuts like pistachios, macadamias and pecan nuts. Avocado and onions are highly toxic to parrots and can cause immediate death or cardiac arrest so avoid them completely always.

Maintain the Right Temperature

Usually, parrots should be able to tolerate temperatures between 65 and 85 Fahrenheit. If at all the temperature drops below this they may not be able to handle the cold especially if they are thin, plumper birds might be able to hold on for a short period of time but nothing for too long. The plumper birds though will have an issue if the temperature is higher than 85 Fahrenheit, so try to maintain the right temperature at all times.

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